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Creative Colour Correction

So, last week someone asked me how do I retouch images and what's involved. It's pretty difficult to explain in short especially for those that aren't photoshop savvy but here's a quick summary.

Phase 1 - Retouch and levels

Firstly as with all photos, adjust the levels to adjust brightness, contrast, and tonal range. Secondly I used the clone and patch tools to remove the previous branding from the aeroplane and container.

Phase 2 - Colour correction

Secondly using a curves adjustment layer I made sure the highlights, midtones and shadows were all as they should be. I have included a photoshop tutorial covering this topic in more detail below.

Phase 3 - Add sky and colour depth

As this photo will be used in marketing material I wanted the colour to really pop therefore I have given the blue in the photo a higher density using curves and layer opacity option.

Phase 3 - Add sky and colour depth

Finally using the channel mixer I added contrast to add more depth and realistic quality to the overall image.

Photoshop tutorial on colour correction and matching from
'The Photoshop Training Channel'