work balance

Achieving a work/life balance

Self employment is on the rise consistently across the country, with over 4.5 million people working for themselves.…

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eye colour

creative colour correction

So, last week someone asked me how do I retouch images and what's involved…

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rocket launch

dreamland graphics website launches

After much demand and deliberation the website is finally live! Find out 3 tips for getting your website started…

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little gems logo

What makes a great logo?

Logo design is all around us. To the general public, logos serve as an instant reminder of a company or a product; to the client they're the point of recognition on which their branding hangs; and to us designers they represent the challenge of incorporating our clients' ideologies into one single graphic.…

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Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.

- Albert Einstein
mint card

Forget business cards, it's all about mint cards!

Acumen Air Cargo asked Dreamland Graphics to come up with something to give out at an exhibition, something different to the billions of business cards being handed out and discarded…

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we can print onto anything!

Graphic Design is not all about business cards and stationary as some may believe. Here's a couple of examples of where it can be used in the home…

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